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"Saved" Baby Tonesha

(born in 2010)

Tonesha's mother decided that life was the only choice she could make for her child. Most everyone wanted her to have an abortion. He mother had to leave her home in Atlanta and come to NJ to have her baby but once Tonesha was born things slowly changed. After two months her baby's father decided that he was going to also move to NJ to be closer to his daughter. Then one month later he got Toneshsa's mother an engagement ring. We are still waiting for their wedding date but the blessings continue as the very members of the family who didn't want this baby born now rejoice in her being a part of their lives.

Mother in Hand

Adoption For Special Needs Children

Dear Lifecall,

I received an inquiry from a couple who may be pregnant with a Down's child, and don't feel they are up to the challenge. As far as I know, they are non-Christians and pro-abortion, but they would still rather give the child up for adoption, if possible. However, they have not found any helpful resources, particularly any reason to believe that such a child would ever be adopted. Do you have anything to offer?

They are supposed to find out for sure tomorrow whether the child has Down's.

Thank you.

(Name Withheld)


Let's pray our efforts (see below) will help this couple to choose life.

We'll be praying for you and this couple. I only wish they could meet the sone of one of my employees- Shaun, who is also my Godson. He is such an inspiration. Just this week he helped us during a meeting with a local Knights of Columbus. Shaun really won them over. He works in our office, where again he is a part of the day to day community. To be honest he is quite a "ham" and loves to be the center of attention and can even give a good short speech when asked about our work at the Several Sources Foundation.

  • God bless your efforts.
  • Kathy DiFiore
  • Founder
  • Several Sources Foundation

Resouces - Adopton of Special Needs Children

  • Jewish Children's Adoption Network
  • (303) 573-8113
  • Info: The directors, Steve and Vicki Krausz, have adopted two babies with Down Syndrome, and have facilitated many other adoptions nationwide
  • Greater Cincinnati Down Syndrome Association
  • Contact: Robin Steele
  • Head of the Down Syndrome Adoption Awareness Committee
  • Placement of Children with Down syndrome
  • Ph: (513) 554-4485
  • Fax: (513) 554-4486
  • Spaulding for Children,
  • Chelsea, MI (near Ann Arbor)
  • Info: Specialize in adoption of children with special needs
  • Adopt a Special Kid (AASK) of New York
  • Contact: Geri Hecox
  • 216 Lawrence Street
  • Rome, NY 13440
  • (315) 336-9148