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featured baby

"Saved" Baby Kevin

(born in 2009)

Saved' baby Kevin's 17 year old mother decided that the only way she could have him was to leave home. She found us on the Internet and called our hotline. First she came for an interview - then she just decided to leave her parents a note to say that she found a place to stay. Her father was smart enough to search on her computer and in a few short days he contacted her. Her parents allowed her to stay at our shelter. She went to school, visited home once in a while and her mother never really spoke to her until the day that little Kevin was born. Since that day things have gotten better and better and now she and Kevin live back home with her parents and his proud grandparents.

Mother in Hand

Kathy Visits President Reagan

Dear Lifecall Friends,

My visit to the White House, on January 22, 1988, at the invitation of President Ronald Reagan was one of the highlights of my life. Words fail to describe the feelings of patriotism and wonder I experienced, as we were guided through parts of the White House seldom seen by visitors. I remember a set of back stairs that were quite old and narrow. To think those very stairs upon which we were traveling were often used by Abraham Lincoln!

I remember we were taught how to say a proper "Hello" to the President Reagan. And we were told just to listen and not comment. Later I learned that in the past some comments by the prior guests were not always the most supportive. We were finally lead into the Oval Office and all the cameras were flashing and rolling, as I tried my best to do everything we had been taught.

President Reagan quoted from a poem that was found on a young Russian soldier killed in action in 1944. The letter told of a young man who had never been taught about God, but who had come to believe in Him through the struggles and hardship of the war he was experiencing. The poem was sent to Reagen by a Wisconsin couple. The poem was written as the soldier lay looking up at the night sky and it ended with a poignant verse expressing the soldier's new found faith in God.

President Reagen said, "You don't mind if I read it to you. This is the translation of a prayer found on a young Russian soldier, whose name was Alexandr Zasipa.

"Hear me, Oh God. Never in my whole lifetime have I spoken to You but just now I feel like sending You my greetings. You know from my childhood on they always told me that you are not. I, like a fool, believed them. I've never contemplated Your creation and yet tonight gazing up out of my shell hole, I marvel at the shimmering stars above me and suddenly knew the cruelty of the lie.

Will You my God reach Your Hand out to me? I wonder. But I will tell You and You will understand. Is it not strange that the Light should come upon me and I see You amid this night of Hell and there is nothing else that I have to say. This though, I am glad that I have learned to know you. At midnight we are scheduled to attack. But You are looking on and I am not afraid.

The signal... well, I guess I must be going. I have been happy with You. This more I would like to say. As you well know the fighting will be cruel and even tonight I may come knocking at your door. Although I have not been a friend to You before, still will you let me enter even now and I do come? Why am I crying, oh my God, my Lord? You see what happens to me. Tonight my eyes were opened. Farewell, my God. I'm going and I am not likely to come back. Strange is it not, but death I fear no longer.''

Then President Reagan commented, "I wish I had that for Mr. Gorbachev when he was here. I thank you all of you and continue to fight the good fight. God bless all of you and thank you all!"

President Reagen cited the Founding Fathers' faith in God and said the right to pursue "life, liberty, and happiness" applies to unborn children too.

Anyone who knows me, knows it is very difficult for me to keep quiet for long and after such a moving and inspiring speech, I thought one of us would have to say something to the President. I took a chance, and said, "President Reagen, you are our Hero and we thank God for you and for all you have done for God's innocent preborn children." I think I said something else. I simply can't remember. But later a White House Aid said that the President was deeply moved by the words that I thank God, that the Lord gave me to say to this most gracious and compassionate leader of our Country.

I remember after leaving the White House asking our driver to take us to Arlington National Cemetery. We stopped at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier has a perpetual Honor Guard. But what really tugged at my heart, my very soul were the words inscribed upon the white marble stone:

"Here rests in honored glory an American Soldier known but to God"

The words inspired my to think, to reflect upon all our preborn brothers and sisters in the womb who have been lost through abortion. They too are "known but to God." Only they have no National Shrine with a Perpetual Honor Guard to let them know we honor and love them. So let us honor them through our prolife works of mercy. Let us honor them through our tireless efforts and unending compassion for the pregnant women of today who might need our help in order to choose life for the child that sleeps within her womb. Please join me in helping Several Sources Shelter to accomplish the work the Lord has given to us. Thank you for visiting our website and for your, support and concern.

  • Your Sister in Christ Jesus,
  • Kathy DiFiore
  • Founder