Featured Saved Baby

featured baby

"Saved" Baby Joseph

(born in 2010)

Little preborn Joseph's mother had everything against her. She had a drug and alcohol history, a pervious older child and now an unplanned pregnancy. To top all this she was in a hospital where she would have to sign herself out to come to our shelter that is if we had an opening and would accept her. She prayed and prayed. She really wanted to come and live at Several Sources. We had an opening and her son was born perfect and who was there but her father and her sister. Again, a family was reunited through the birth of a child.

Mother in Hand

Several Sources Shelters Homes

Our First Shelter in Ramsey, NJ

Our Second Ramsey, NJ Shelter

Several Sources Shelter in Mendham, NJ

Several Sources Shelter in Washington Township, NJ

The four shelters pictured above are currently in full operation as homes for women who are seeking an alternative to abortion. The mothers can stay at a Several Sources Shelter FREE of charge for up to one year after her baby is born.